Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dream: LSU Football Tickets

Psalm 25:2 
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, 
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Well God has a sense of humor. Yesterday, we were discussing "date setting" within the prophetic community on WBJ, and I was one of the people who agreed that we as children of God aren't able to figure out God's timetable to the exact day for His appointed events. We were discussing the topic and stated that if someone is saying that a particular event is going to happen on a specific date, that these people were most likely going to be wrong. However, last night I had one of my short "God dreams." In fact, this one was so strange, that I attempted to discard it as a soulish dream, but it would not go away. It kept coming back to my mind every time I woke up during the night. I was thinking I would forget about it through this bout of insomnia, but here I am writing about it. Therefore, I am seeking the Lord for it's meaning. I will give the dream now in hopes that someone reading this may have an understanding. If not, we will patiently wait on the Lord to reveal it's meaning.

April 21National L Club Spring GameBaton Rouge, La.
Sept. 2No. 7 Miami (Sunday)Arlington, Texas
Sept. 8Southeastern LouisianaBaton Rouge. La.
Sept. 15at No. 8 AuburnAuburn, Ala.
Sept. 22Louisiana TechBaton Rouge, La.
Sept. 29Ole MissBaton Rouge, La.
Oct. 6at FloridaGainesville, Fla.
Oct. 13No. 3 GeorgiaBaton Rouge, La.
Oct. 20Mississippi StateBaton Rouge, La.
Oct. 27ByeOff
Nov. 3No. 1 AlabamaBaton Rouge, La.
Nov. 10at ArkansasFayetteville, Ark.
Nov. 17RiceBaton Rouge, La.
Nov. 24at No. 25 Texas A&MCollege Station, Texas
Dec. 1SEC championshipAtlanta
DREAM: I was walking on the right side of a co-worker who's name is John. We have known each other for many years. The perspective of the dream was through my eyes. The surroundings weren't noticeable in the dream. John and I were walking very closely to each other, and it was as if the viewpoint was closed off, like we were in a bubble. John and his words were the focus of the dream. Then he says "I have tickets for the first two LSU games, and you are going to come with me, 'like it or not.' END OF DREAM

RESEARCH: The name John means: Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. John was the one who baptized Christ in the Jordan River. He was also the one who "prepared the way for the Lord through crying in the wilderness." He ate locusts and honey....Next I found the 2018 football schedule for LSU on the internet which is listed above, and discovered that the first two home games that we could attend are September 8 against Southeastern Louisiana, and September 22 against Louisiana Tech. I'm doubtful that John would require me to travel a great distance to attend the out-of-town games because I'm not a football fan. When I was married, my x-husband purchased season tickets, but I only went once. I don't like fighting large crowds, sitting in a place with strangers right next to me, or being unable to eat and use the bathroom easily. Basically, I'm not one who likes these type of events. They feel like a prison sentence to me. That's also why it makes it interesting that the Lord would use this type of scenario to give a message. That's also why I initially shrugged it off as just a "pizza dream." Lastly, if you know anything about football, LSU games are a major form of entertainment for people in this state and the games draw huge crowds. Most of the games are normally sold out. They consume an entire day for most of the people that attend. Lots of partying and hype involved. So that is my research and thoughts. Now we shall wait on the Lord to reveal it's meaning. I will post the interpretation when it becomes available. If it were up to me, I would wait until I receive it's meaning before posting the dream, but I believe the Lord wants me to give the dream and research first. Please believe with me that the interpretation comes today!

ADDED RESEARCH: I looked at a day calculator and found that there are 30 days from now to the first home game and there are 44 days to the second home game. The number 30 is used quite frequently bibilically. Several biblical people began their ministries at the age of 30, including John. Jesus also began his public ministry at this age. The Hebrew letter "lamed" is associated with the number 30 and it means "authority or control." The number 44 is also an interesting number. It is associated highly with the presence of angels. The number 44 is also believed to represent "chosen people." Next I wanted to note that the mascot for LSU is the "tiger." The team is known as the LSU Tigers...Lastly, I also noticed that these two home games are the ONLY games where LSU is playing another team from Louisiana. All other games on the roster are against other states....that makes me go hmmmm....just a little added research....

INTERPRETATION: First off, the Lord wants us to see the big picture. I first asked Him if this dream applied to me personally, and I sensed it is not for me personally. It is a message for the United States of America to be warned. To continue, John in my real life represents a friend and co-worker. I see John as dependable and wise. John represents Jesus Christ. We co-labor with Him and He is our friend. John is doing the talking in the dream which symbolizes that the message is coming from Jesus Christ. John and I are walking together which means that the Body of Christ is moving with the Lord. We are on a journey to our destinies with Him for all eternity. John and I were in what appeared to be a bubble because nothing else matters when we are walking and listening to Jesus. He has our complete focus and there is nothing that can distract us from hearing what He has to say through His grace.

This dream is a warning from Him. LSU is located in the city of Baton Rouge and in my estimation is central Louisiana. I believe this represents central US. The location of the two other Louisiana teams that LSU is going to play on September 8 & the 22 is key. The rival's school for the first game to be played on September 8th is located NW from Baton Rouge. Therefore, I believe Jesus is telling us that there first will be an event that will take place in NW US. The school of the rival team for the second game to be played on September 22 is located E of Baton Rouge. This location represents E US. This is where I believe the Lord is showing us that the second event will take place.

The two games/events will be spaced closely together. I say this because the two weeks between the games in the dream in reference to a year is a short time span. Because John made the statement that I will go to the games with Him "like it or not" says the Lord is making it clear that the coming events can not be changed. They will be very devastating to our country and they will effect all of us. The question remains as to why did Jesus have tickets for these games? It is because He too will be a spectator. These events are not His will for America. These judgments are going to occur because of the Law of Sin and Death which is in operation. Repentance of the nation would change everything, but we all know in general people don't turn to God until they are in desperation. However it is important to understand that our Father God shall protect His own, and I know this because in the dream we walked together in a bubble. This signifies protection.

These two home games that John has tickets for are in September. The 8th and the 22nd. I don't believe Jesus is saying that the events will be in this specific month on those specific days, but that is a possibility. I do believe September is the 9th month and it is my understanding that the number 9 represents judgment. Also, football season is in the fall and winter months. Maybe the Lord is pointing to that time of the year for the events to occur. In conclusion, I do not know when these events will take place, but they are coming. Most importantly, we need to be ready as the Lord leads, and especially be ready by walking closely with Him.

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